Dia de los Muertos - Winslow Arts Trust Events

Día de los Muertos Celebration at Snowdrift Art Space.

Turrell Visitor Center

James Turrell Visitor Center

Working on the design of the Turrell Roden Crater Visitor Center.

El Gran Art Garage

El Gran Art Garage - Winslow Arts Trust

El Gran Art Garage, housed in a restored Fred Harvey Indian Detours garage that opened in 1930.

Mion Gallery at La Posada Hotel

Mion Gallery at La Pousada - Winslow Arts Trust

The 3,000 square foot Mion Gallery features a wide selection of contemporary paintings by the artist.

Route 66 Art Museum

Route 66 Art Museum - Winslow Arts Trust

Route 66 Art Museum, to be housed in a restored Fred Harvey depot that opened in 1930.