• Dia de los Muertos - Winslow Arts Trust Events


    Día de los Muertos Celebration at Snowdrift Art Space.

  • James Turrell Visitor Center

    Turrell Visitor Center

    Working on the design of the Turrell Roden Crater Visitor Center.

  • El Gran Art Garage - Winslow Arts Trust

    El Gran Art Garage

    El Gran Art Garage, housed in a restored Fred Harvey Indian Detours garage that opened in 1930.

  • Mion Gallery at La Pousada - Winslow Arts Trust

    Mion Gallery at La Posada Hotel

    The 3,000 square foot Mion Gallery features a wide selection of contemporary paintings by the artist.

  • Route 66 Art Museum - Winslow Arts Trust

    Route 66 Art Museum

    Route 66 Art Museum, to be housed in a restored Fred Harvey depot that opened in 1930.

Our Mission

The Winslow Arts Trust (WAT) is a nonprofit organization that works with regionally and nationally recognized historians, artists, and performers to create programs that celebrate the culture of the Winslow area and Historic Route 66 corridor.

WAT works with local affiliates and community organizations to build cultural resources and relationships in the Winslow area and to provide talks, exhibits, and special events that will enrich the Route 66 traveler’s experience.

Rather than collecting work in one location, WAT and its affiliates create an extended collection of exhibition and event spaces that occupy historic buildings along Winslow’s Route 66 corridor. The buildings that house the WAT affiliates have not been renovated as modern structures, but instead retain the character of the era they were built in. These spaces celebrate the history of downtown Winslow and Route 66 while at the same time providing alternative spaces for cultural programs.

Winslow Arts Trust - History


WAT works with local organizations such as the Old Trails Museum and the Winslow Harvey Girls to develop and present local and regional history programs to the public.

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Mion Museum Art Installation


WAT is currently creating an exhibition space in La Posada’s historic railroad depot that will highlight contemporary art influenced by the Winslow area/Historic Route 66 corridor.

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Winslow Arts Trust - Programs


WAT provides both residents and tourists with talks, exhibits, and special events that highlight regional history, culture, and the artists that work along Historic Route 66.

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